H. Henrik Ehrsson, MD, PhD


Henrik Ehrsson is a cognitive neuroscientist who is interested in how we come to sense that we own our body. He thinks the key to answering this question is to identify the multisensory mechanisms whereby the central nervous system distinguishes between sensory signals from one's body and those from the environment. By clarifying how the normal brain produces a sense of ownership of one's body, we can learn to project ownership onto artificial bodies and simulated virtual ones. We can even make two people have the experience of seeming to swap bodies with each other. This could have important applications in the fields of virtual reality and neuroprosthetics.

Sample Publications

Henrik Ehrsson has received the Göran Gustafsson prize in Medicine (2017) by the Royal Academy of Sweden. Click here to read more.

Ehrsson, H.H. (2012). The concept of body ownership and its relation to multisensory integration. In: The New Handbook of Multisensory Processes, B.E. Stein (Ed.), MA: MIT Press (Cambridge) PDF

Ehrsson H.H. The experimental induction of out-of-body experiences. Science (2007), 317:1048.PDF

Ehrsson H.H., Spence C and Passingham RE. 'That's my hand!' Activity in the premotor cortex reflects feeling of ownership of a limb. Science, (2004) 305:875-877.PDF

Click here for a comprehensive list of publications, here for a feature article on Henrik Ehrsson's work, and here for a lecture given to undergraduates at the Karolinska, and here for a TEDx talk in Gothenburg for the general public


Henrik Ehrsson, MD, PhD
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institutet
Retzius väg 8, 171 77 Stockholm, Sweden

email: henrik.ehrsson @ ki.se
office phone: (+46) 8 524 87 231