Malin Björnsdotter, MSc, PhD
(Postdoctoral Fellow)

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Dr. Björnsdotter's research interests include the development and application of machine learning methods for analysis of brain activity patterns. She preferentially applies these methods in various areas related to affective touch and body image. Dr. Björnsdotter is currenttly conducing postdocs in Singapore, Yale, and other places.

Sample Publications

India Morrison, Malin Björnsdotter & Håkan Olausson, Vicarious responses to social touch in posterior insular cortex are tuned to pleasant caressing speeds, Journal of Neuroscience, in press.

Malin Björnsdotter & Johan Wessberg, Clustered sampling improves random subspace brain mapping, Pattern Recognition, in press.

Petkova, V.I., Björnsdotter M., Gentile G., Jonsson T., Li T.Q., & Ehrsson H.H. From part to whole-body ownership in the multisensory brain. Current Biology (2011) 21 1-5. PDF

Malin Björnsdotter, India Morrison & Håkan Olausson, Feeling good: on the role of C fiber-mediated touch in interoception, Exp Brain Res, 2010, 207(3-4):149-55 (Abstract, PMID: 20963582)

Malin Björnsdotter, Karin Rylander & Johan Wessberg, A Monte Carlo method for locally multivariate brain mapping., Neuroimage, 2010 (in print) (Abstract, PMID: 20674749)

Malin Björnsdotter, Line Löken, Håkan Olausson, Åke Vallbo & Johan Wessberg, Somatotopic organization of gentle touch processing in the posterior insular cortex, Journal of Neuroscience, 2009, 29(29):9314-9320; doi:10.1523/JNEUROSCI.0400-09.2009 (Abstract, PMID: 19625521)


Malin Björnsdotter, MSc, PhD

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