Maximilian Hauser, PhD
(Postdoctoral Fellow)


Max is interested in how experiencing an out-of-body illusion affects different aspects of cognition that typically revolve around the bodily self, such as spatial perception and memory. To understand these interactions from a neural perspective, he uses magnetoencephalography and advanced data analysis techniques. His interdisciplinary research has previously been supported by the Trans-Atlantic Neuroscience Teaching Network (TANTEN).

Sample Publications

Hauser, M. F. A., Hofmann, J., & Opitz, B. (2012). Rule and similarity in grammar: Their interplay and individual differences in the brain. NeuroImage, 60, 2019-2026.

Hauser, M. F. A., Wiescholleck, V., Colitti-Klausnitzer, J., Bellebaum, C., & Manahan-Vaughan, D. (2019). Event-related potentials evoked by passive visuospatial perception in rats and humans reveal common denominators in information processing. Brain Structure and Function, 224 (4), 1583-1597.

Hauser, M. F. A., Heba, S., Schmidt‐Wilcke, T., Tegenthoff, M., Manahan‐Vaughan, D. (2020) Cerebellar‐hippocampal processing in passive perception of visuospatial change: An ego‐ and allocentric axis? Human Brain Mapping, 41, 1153– 1166.


Maximilian F. A. Hauser, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institutet, Biomedicum
Solnavägen 9, 171 65 Solna, Sweden

email: maximilian.hauser @