Valeria Petkova, MSc PhD


During her time here in the Brain, Body & Self Lab, Dr. Valeria Petkova used state of the art neuroimaging techniques and behavioral methods to study the perceptual and neural underpinnings of body ownership. Dr. Petkova's PhD Thesis title was, "Do I need a body to know who I am? Neural Mechanisms of body ownership"--click here for pdf.

Sample Publications

Petkova, V.I., Zetterberg H., Ehrsson H.H., Rubber hands feel touch but not in blind individuals. PLoS ONE published online 2012 Apr 27 PDF

Petkova, V.I., Björnsdotter M., Gentile G., Jonsson T., Li T.Q., & Ehrsson H.H. From part to whole-body ownership in the multisensory brain. Current Biology (2011) 21 1-5. PDF

Petkova, V.I. & Ehrsson, H.H. If I were you: perceptual illusion of body swapping. PLoS One (2008), 3(12):e3832, Epub 2008 Dec 3 PDF

Petkova, V.I., & Ehrsson, H.H. Body self-perception. McGraw-Hill 2010 Yearbook of Science & Technology, McGraw-Hill Professional, New York (2010), 50-53 PDF

Petkova V.I., Khoshnevis, M. and Ehrsson, H.H., The perspective matters! Multisensory integration in ego-centric reference frames determines full body ownership. Front. Psychology (2011), 2:35 PDF